What is EZ Pur Eco?

EZ Pur Eco Concentrated Laundry Detergent is a new advancement in the laundry detergent whereas it contains absolutely no water and can be mixed at home using an existing laundry detergent jug. Our detergent is ultra-concentrated and made with plant and mineral-based ingredients.

Proven to remove tough stains as well as other leading brands, our low suds formula works in all machine types, including HE models, and rinses clean to remove residue from clothing.

Formulated with your health and home in mind, our detergent is ultra-concentrated and does not contain phosphates, bleach, or optical brighteners.

Smart Cleaning Starts Here!

EZ Pur Eco makes laundry day a breeze! Our compact pouches contain powerful ingredients, when mixed with water, create 65 loads of liquid laundry detergent. Easy to use, easy to lug, and easy to love. EZ Pur Eco Concentrated Laundry Detergent will change the way you think about clean laundry.

How it Works


    Add 1.8 L (61 fl. oz.) of hot water to empty laundry detergent jug.


    Pour entire EZ Pur Eco Refill pouch contents into jug of water.


    Shake well and let stand 30 minutes before use for best results.

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Just Add Water!

Stop paying for water you already have at home! These compact and lightweight pouches can be mixed with water using an existing detergent jug and contain enough ingredients to make 65 loads of liquid laundry detergent.

Less Plastic Waste

With its concentrated powder and reusable jug, EZ Pur Eco offers consumers a unique experience, allowing them to use a product that is not only efficient but an environmentally responsible choice. Now that just makes good household sense!

Tough on Dirt

Designed to clean and free from harsh chemicals like ammonia, bleach, phosphates, phthalates, parabens and artificial preservatives. EZ Pur Eco Concentrate is safe for children and pets when used and stored as directed.


  • Great Concept!

    What a great concept! I think it's a clever idea to reuse my old laundry detergent jug. Thank you!

    Anna G.

  • Amazing!

    I can't believe I've been paying for water I already have at home. These little pouches are amazing!

    Janet D.

  • Love The Smell!

    I'm in love with the Lightly Scented fragrance. It has such a wonderful scent and leaves my clothes smelling fresh.

    Stephanie C.

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