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This kit includes refill packets, each designed for loads. Combine with water to create a total of of laundry detergent.
This kit includes refill packets, each designed for loads. Combine with water to create a total of of laundry detergent.
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Elevate Your Laundry Routine the Eco-Friendly Way!

Innovative Product: Explore the remarkable potency in every drop of our eco-concentrated detergent. Designed for maximum efficiency, it transforms your laundry with powerful cleaning in a sustainable, eco-friendly way

Sustainable Ingredients: Infused with plant and mineral-based ingredients, our detergent conquers tough stains and odors with finesse. Gentle on the skin, compatible with all washing machines, and effective in both hot and cold water.

Eco-Friendly Benefits: Witness the future of sustainability as our water-free, lightweight formula slashes CO2 emissions by an impressive 97.3% when compared to traditional detergents. Join us in forging a more sustainable and greener tomorrow.

Proudly Made in Canada: At EZ Pur Eco, we take great pride in our New Brunswick, Canada-based production. Each product, including our eco-friendly laundry detergent, is developed and manufactured with strict adherence to stringent safety and quality regulations. This commitment ensures every item we offer is not only effective but also aligns with the highest standards of excellence and sustainability.


Beyond the Wash: Even if our eco-friendly detergent isn't your perfect match, its use goes beyond cleaning. By choosing our concentrated formula, you're not just trying a high-quality product—you're also making a significant environmental impact.

No Plastic Waste: Using your own container for our powder means one less plastic bottle in the landfill. Every refill counts towards our goal to reduce plastic waste.

Join Our Mission: Together, we can create a cleaner future with every wash.

Every year, the average family of four contributes to environmental waste by discarding up to six plastic bottles of liquid laundry detergent.

Now, picture the collective impact: 1,000,000 families, that's 6,000,000 plastic bottles!

It's high time to embark on a journey to reduce plastic waste and embrace a more sustainable laundry solution.


    Add 1.8L (7-1/2 cups) of
    water into empty
    laundry detergent


    Empty the entire
    contents of the refill
    pouch into the bottle.


    Shake well and let stand up to
    30 minutes before use. Add 26 mL (2 Tablespoons) per regular load of laundry.

What Are People Saying About EZ Pur Eco?

Great Concept!


What a great concept! I think it's a clever idea to reuse my old laundry detergent jug. Thank you!

Anna G.


I can't believe I've been paying for water I already have at home. These little pouches are amazing!

Janet D.

Love The Smell!


I'm in love with the Lightly Scented fragrance. It has such a wonderful scent and leaves my clothes smelling fresh.

Stephanie C.

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Proudly Manufactured in Canada

Embrace confidence in every wash with EZ Pur Eco for your family's laundry needs. Proudly crafted in the heart of New Brunswick, Canada, renowned for its dramatic tides, our detergent upholds rigorous health standards. Meticulously produced in a cutting-edge facility, each batch ensures unparalleled quality. Your safety is our priority, and we never compromise on the steadfast standards you rely on.

  • EZ Pur Eco Concentrated Laundry Detergent was awarded Best Non-Food Item at the Canadian Federation of Independent Grocers' Top 10 in Grocery Awards! The event took place in Toronto in October 2022, celebrating the latest innovations in the industry.

  • Luc Jalbert, the co-founder and inventor of EZ Pur Eco and a key figure at Prelam Enterprises Ltd. / Ecolocare Inc., was personally present at both events to accept these distinguished awards on behalf of the company.

  • EZ Pur Eco Concentrated Laundry Detergent received the prestigious Best New Product award in the Household Products category at the 30th Annual Canadian Grand Prix New Product Awards Gala, organized by the Retail Council of Canada.