Smart Laundry Revolution!

EZ Pur Eco is a powerful concentrated laundry detergent that doesn't contain any water and can be mixed at home using a starter jug or an old detergent jug.

You can find EZ Pur Eco at your favourite stores and join the smart laundry revolution! 

How it Works


    Add 1.8 L (61 fl. oz.) of hot water to empty laundry detergent jug.


    Pour entire EZ Pur Eco Refill pouch contents into jug of water.


    Shake well and let stand 30 minutes before use for best results.

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  • Great Concept!

    What a great concept! I think it's a clever idea to reuse my old laundry detergent jug. Thank you!

    Anna G.

  • Amazing!

    I can't believe I've been paying for water I already have at home. These little pouches are amazing!

    Janet D.

  • Love The Smell!

    I'm in love with the Lightly Scented fragrance. It has such a wonderful scent and leaves my clothes smelling fresh.

    Stephanie C.

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